Parents Club Officers – 2019


President or Co-Presidents
Position(s) available. If you are interested, contact Jenny Reynolds at
This job requires you to come and lead the Parents Club meetings (maybe 3 times per year in Norman) or conference call. The job requires that you oversee the other officers of the Parents Club and help make sure they have all they need to accomplish their job. In addition, you make sure that all communication is sent to all the families of the chapter in reference to all Lambda activities.


Position available. If you are interested, contact Jenny Reynolds at
This job just requires you to come to the meetings (maybe 3 per year in Norman) or a conference call, to take notes of what is discussed in our meetings. The secretary needs to write up and distribute notes from meetings or calls.  The secretary brings copies to the next meeting and hands out of the financials plus a copy of the book.


Position available. If you are interested, contact Jenny Reynolds at
Handles the Parents Club expenses and income (does NOT handle any of the LXA house finances or bills). Prepares a Financial Report twice per year for Parents Club meetings, keeps a running ledger, balances bank account, writes checks for approved expenses, deposits checks at the McClain Bank of Norman. Maintains the Parents Club Square online store, operates the Square point of sale at parent functions.


Fundraising Chair
Jennifer Reynolds
This job helps the President with getting 100% participation in the Parents Club.  In addition, helps administer any fundraising events at Moms Day and Dads Day.


Open House Chair
Stephanie Grote
(July/August) – This person gets the list of recruits from the LXA Rush Chair, sends invitation to parents/sons to attend Open House held the night before rush week at OU in August. This person usually attends the event, as well.


House Mom’s Tea or Social

Melissa Loftis

Missy Dawson

Coordinates with Mom Roberts when she’d like to host a tea or social event. Carol usually sends her own invites. You will also coordinate with the Parents Club president on sending an e-mail blast to all parents with details including dates, times, etc. 


Dad’s Day / Parents Weekend (Fall Semester)

Gail Blaylock

Bryan Pettigrew

Janis Rasnic

(Fall semester) Helps plan the festivities of Dad’s Day Weekend.  This is a great one for a group of friends to handle.  We have lots of information to share regarding ideas for this weekend.


Mom’s Day (Spring Semester)
Melanie Applebaum
This person helps plan the festivities of Mom’s Day Weekend. This is a great one for a group of friends to handle. We have lots of information to share regarding ideas for this weekend.


Website Liaison
Krista Wise
(512) 586-1364
This is a great job for someone who is lives outside of Norman, as you coordinate with our website person any changes we might need. You do not need to be technical at all; you only need to be able to e-mail someone with the changes.


Brick Sales
Laura Bobb
This person should be someone in the OKC metro area to coordinate with Acme brick. This order process is all handled on, so this person just needs to coordinate the orders and get the bricks installed at the end of every semester or year end.


Greg Burns Print Sales

Sherry Kerrihard

Whitney Puiggari

This person holds on to the prints of the painting we have made of the house. This person brings them to Moms Day Weekend & Dads Day Weekend and if someone wants to buy one, this person helps get the print to them and coordinates payment with the Treasurer.


Christmas Decorating

Ashley Magness

Plans a time with Mom Roberts to decorate multiple trees inside the house and sometimes the outside of the house.  Coordinates with the Parents Club president to get the e-mail blast out with details so that the parents can come join this very fun tradition at the house.


Finals Feasts
MaryAnne Jackson
This person helps lead a team of people to serve a late dinner to the boys for the four nights of Finals Week.  This person does not have to be present at the house for all four nights, but coordinates the meals with a “lead” for each night.


Christmas Gifts
Carla Weigle
Another great job for someone that lives outside of Norman. This Person purchases gifts for Carol Roberts (House Mom), Tyler Barrett (Chapter Advisor), and Michael Nash (website).


Graduation Gifts
LeeAnn Fiser
This person assists Mom Roberts with some kind of little gift for the graduates and anything else Mom Roberts may need help with on coordinating the graduation dinner.


Yard Sale
Melissa Loftus
This person helps Mom Roberts clear out the boy’s rooms and sell stuff out on the basketball court. Putting a garage sale ad in the newspaper/websites for graduation day, so graduating seniors don’t usually participate.


House Planning

Catherine Rhodes

David Loftus

Coordinates with Mom Roberts on what items may be needed at the house; also coordinates with the purchases/installers if needed. This is something the Parents Club purchases as a donation to the house.  


 Support the house renovation!


Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal of financing the complete renovation of the chapter house.  All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the chapter house.

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