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Don Sherman, ΓΡ 364

Vir Quisque Vir: A Man’s Life Devoted to Gamma-Rho

Former Gamma-Rho High Pi and Order of Merit recipient, Don Sherman, ΓΡ 364, has announced his retirement from the Sigma Phi Housing Corporation, which he has served for more than 40 years, and McClain Bank, where he has served as the CEO for several decades and has more than 55 years total. He served as president from 1988 to 2001 and has served as a chairman of the board since 1998.

Gamma Rho has been richly blessed with alumni who are dedicated to the brothers’ successes like Don Sherman.


“I joined the Chapter as a pledge in my freshman year, one of 20 in the pledge class. The house held 40 men at the time and I moved into the house in 1954, which was the year that the new addition was built. I was fortunate to live in the new addition as a junior and senior. Afterwards, I had the privilege of serving as the Chapter adviser for eight years, and during one of those the brothers received the Grand High Alpha Award. I became the Chapter adviser because I loved Lambda Chi Alpha and have always found it to be rewarding to work with young people. Our Chapter members have always evolved around values with quality attracting quality.”

Brother Sherman received Lambda Chi Alpha’s highest alumni award, the Order of Merit, in 1990. He has also served on the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation Board.

In honor of Brother Sherman’s dedication to Gamma-Rho Zeta, the Chapter honored him in February at the Ozark Conclave closing banquet, which was hosted at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, Oklahoma. Current High Pi and 2008 Order of Merit recipient, Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894, spoke highly of Sherman’s dedication to a “lifetime of brotherhood” to more than 100 Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduates from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma.


Thank you, Don, for your devotion and deciated service to the preservation of our Lambda Chi values and growth of our Chapter.
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Larry Bledsoe, ΓΡ 465

Years of Laughter and Lambda Chi Alpha Memories

It has been a lifetime full of understanding and entertaining others for Larry Bledsoe, ΓΡ 465. Though he was an entertainer in New York and in advertising for nearly 40 years, Larry points to his years as a member of Lambda Chi Alpha as the years full of mentorship, pride, and friendship.


Larry began his University of Oklahoma experience with close friend Curt Schwartz, ΓΡ 465. “The two of us decided to go to OU and pledge the same fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha was our top choice and, in the midst of recruitment week, it felt like home. It was a comfortable and restful environment that felt like a place where you could really kick back.”


Larry pursued a degree in theater with the driving desire to break into the world of entertainment always on his mind. “Being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha meant learning a higher level of confidence, a broader set of social skills, and becoming comfortable interacting with people of different backgrounds. For me, this manifested in the confidence to work towards entering the entertainment business in New York.”


While his years at Lambda Chi provided a multitude of memories, Larry recounts that Mother’s Day of 1957 is one of the best.


“Mother’s Day of freshman year, Curt and I entertained the mothers and then had to perform at a campus variety show. What we didn’t know was that the show was a competition. Well, we ended up winning the prize and Rod Cutler, ΓΡ 405 had to accept the trophy on our behalf. On top of a trophy, the win meant that Curt and I would travel throughout the conference, representing the University of Oklahoma at the Big Eight talent show. It was those times at OU, with the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, which are some of the fondest memories I have.”


Larry keeps busy playing golf, traveling, and volunteering at his church. He and his wife, Nanette, have one daughter, Tiffany, and two grandchildren, Graham and Bennett. E-mail:
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Matt Hamilton, ΓΡ 1168

OU Associate Vice President Considers Gamma-Rho Zeta a Valuable Experience

For Matt Hamilton, ΓΡ 1168, Lambda Chi Alpha was a learning experience that he still cherishes today. “Lambda Chi Alpha represents a bond that I think in some ways is stronger today than even in college. It connects those of us that were really close in college, even if we don’t get the opportunity to interact as often as we’d like. However, when we do get together, it is as if we pick up right where we left off. I know of no other foundation that can bind a group of brothers together in any more meaningful way.” As an undergraduate, Matt won Gamma-Rho Zeta’s first Duke Flad award, Lambda Chi Alpha’s highest undergraduate award. Gamma-Rho has had four Duke Flad award winners, more than any other Lambda Chi Alpha chapter.


Although Matt remembers the parties, retreats, and gavel sessions that go along with fraternity life, many of his favorite memories are of simply spending time with his brothers. One of his favorite memories is when Brad “Conan” Bolinger, ΓΡ 1098 was sunbathing on top of the house, climbed over a ledge and was trapped on a steep slope. “The fire department had to come with a big ladder truck to get him down. Just before they arrived, about 50 Lambda Chis could be heard taunting Conan in the street and yard by meowing at him.”


Matt clearly remembers “the intensity of Mike Struffolino, ΓΡ 1117, the humor of Jim Merriken, ΓΡ 1104, the lingo of Jay Fields, ΓΡ 1170, the talent of Rick Grizzle, ΓΡ 1172, the creativity of Mike Thompson, ΓΡ 1149, the passion, consistency, and charisma of John Primrose, ΓΡ 1134, and the servant-leader heart of Tim Rasnic, ΓΡ 1183.” Matt thinks the most important lesson he learned from all of his brothers was synergy. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When you are working together as a team, you can accomplish anything. We were very successful—winning grades, intramurals, and Sooner Scandals. We won more awards than any other fraternity.”


Matt is the registrar and associate vice president at OU. He works with and coordinates the activities of admissions, registration, academic records, financial aid, the bursar’s office, and recruitment services. Matt’s favorite part of his job is “definitely working with students and trying to make a difference at a place I really enjoy. I guess the reason I love it here is that I believe a lifelong pursuit of education is one of the great keys for the advancement of our society and culture, second only to the pursuit of the Christian faith and adopting its principles of love, forgiveness, and charity for others. I fall way short of my ideals, but I am very happy I get to work in the educational environment.”


In addition to his work at OU, Matt is still actively involved in Lambda Chi Alpha. He serves as the sponsor for scholarship accounts and as a non-voting member of S.P. Holding Company.


Matt and his wife, Joni, live in Purcell, Oklahoma. E-mail:
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Larry Bledsoe, ΓΡ 465

Years of Laughter and Lambda Chi Alpha Memories

It has been a lifetime full of understanding and entertaining others for Larry Bledsoe, ΓΡ 465. Though he was an entertainer in New York and in advertising for nearly 40 years, Larry points to his years as a member of Lambda Chi Alpha as the years full of mentorship, pride, and friendship.


Larry began his University of Oklahoma experience with close friend Curt Schwartz, ΓΡ 465. “The two of us decided to go to OU and pledge the same fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha was our top choice and, in the midst of recruitment week, it felt like home. It was a comfortable and restful environment that felt like a place where you could really kick back.”


Larry pursued a degree in theater with the driving desire to break into the world of entertainment always on his mind. “Being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha meant learning a higher level of confidence, a broader set of social skills, and becoming comfortable interacting with people of different backgrounds. For me, this manifested in the confidence to work towards entering the entertainment business in New York.”


While his years at Lambda Chi provided a multitude of memories, Larry recounts that Mother’s Day of 1957 is one of the best.


“Mother’s Day of freshman year, Curt and I entertained the mothers and then had to perform at a campus variety show. What we didn’t know was that the show was a competition. Well, we ended up winning the prize and Rod Cutler, ΓΡ 405 had to accept the trophy on our behalf. On top of a trophy, the win meant that Curt and I would travel throughout the conference, representing the University of Oklahoma at the Big Eight talent show. It was those times at OU, with the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, which are some of the fondest memories I have.”


Larry keeps busy playing golf, traveling, and volunteering at his church. He and his wife, Nanette, have one daughter, Tiffany, and two grandchildren, Graham and Bennett. E-mail:
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Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894

Gamma-Rho Brother Elected to Grand High Zeta

When Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894, an honorary initiate from 2000, speaks of LXA, it is with deep pride and respect. With that same tone, Lambda Chi alumni and undergraduates from all over the country speak of Rodger.


In May 1999, Tim Rasnic, ΓΡ 1183 asked Rodger to consider stepping in as Gamma-Rho’s Chapter adviser. Though cautious at first, Rodger was won over by the Chapter officers he met.


“When I met the undergraduate membership, I quickly felt comfortable,” said Rodger. “There was a real distinction in the quality of these young men. Working with them to create goals, and watching their efforts to achieve what is planned, is incredibly rewarding. Lambda Chi is a values-based organization that teaches men principles of loyalty, duty, respect, sacrifice, and integrity that they cannot learn in other situations in college.”


Rodger has employed this passion for LXA as Gamma-Rho’s Chapter adviser for 10 years. He has also served as advisor for Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s chapter, originally a colony but chartered within six months under Rodger’s watch. Speaking engagements and leadership training for the national Fraternity fill Rodger’s time as well. As a master steward and an impact leadership coach, he has trained Lambda Chis throughout the country at conclaves and general assemblies.


Rodger has been named University of Oklahoma Fraternity Adviser of the Year twice and received LXA’s Order of Merit in 2008. This year, Rodger was nominated and named to Lambda Chi Alpha’s national board of directors, the Grand High Zeta. This is the highest fraternal position for a Gamma-Rho to ever hold.


Speaking to this accomplishment, Rodger shared, “It is an honor to serve Lambda Chi on the national board of directors and to represent the brothers of Gamma-Rho. The Fraternity is a great program where members grow into the men they are meant to become and receive the training they need to enter the rest of their life.”


Teaching the men of Gamma-Rho, Rodger exhorts members to live with integrity and stay true to their values. They must stay focused on their goals and recognize that each person is equal and brings strengths to the table.


“I must encourage alumni to become actively involved in the Fraternity. The Gamma-Rho undergraduates are worth the time that alumni invest in the Chapter. The actives are consistent in their involvement on campus and in achieving a G.P.A. over 3.0. Gamma-Rho is the top fraternity on campus, and these young men must continue to receive guidance from alumni.”


Outside of LXA, Rodger is vice president and chief operating officer of Steve Owen’s insurance agency in Norman. He has been deeply involved in volunteer work over the years with Willow Springs Boys Ranch, the American Red Cross, his church, and Juvenile Services Center for Children and Families.

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Max Mayfield, ΓΡ 714

Max Mayfield, ΓΡ 714 Presented with Regents Alumni Award

In May, Max Mayfield, ΓΡ 714 was presented with the Regents Alumni Award by the OU Board of Regents and OU Alumni Association. Second only to an honorary doctorate degree, this is the highest honor bestowed upon alumni and friends of the University.


After earning a bachelor of science degree in mathematics in 1970, Max launched a highly successful career in meteorology, becoming one of the nation’s best-known and respected experts in the field. He served as the director and public face of the National Hurricane Center. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, he was summoned to testify at six congressional hearings. Max now works as a hurricane specialist for WPLG-TV in Miami and as vice president for America’s Emergency Network.


In 2005, President Bush presented Max with the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service. That year, Max was named a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, based on his contributions as an invited presenter at many national and international scientific meetings and lectures on behalf of the United Nations and its World Meteorological Organization, as well as countless interviews to media worldwide. He was selected as the Government Communicator of the Year by the national association and was the National Hurricane Conferences Neil Frank Award winner, both in 2006. He was named Person of the Week by the ABC Television Network following Hurricane Katrina.


When asked about joining LXA, Brother Mayfield said he knew from the beginning it was a good fit for him because he felt comfortable with the other members of the Fraternity. Lambda Chi helped him learn to deal with diverse personalities and strengthened his communication skills. Most importantly, he learned to treat everyone with respect. Throughout his career, Max has been a proud LXA brother. In his work with natural disasters and the international community, he always remembers, from his days at 904 College, the importance of treating people with dignity and respect.


Congratulations to Brother Mayfield on this award and a lifetime of always representing what we represent.
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Dr. Ron Elkins, ΓΡ 393

Ensuring the Success of Future Lambda Chi Alphas

When Dr. Ron Elkins, ΓΡ 393 entered the doors of LXA, at the behest of Brother William Savage, ΓΡ 257, the house was nearly 30 years old. Ron was looking for an environment which would encourage growth academically, personally, and professionally. He found that within the walls of Gamma-Rho Zeta.


Ron says his favorite memories as an undergraduate are “too many to list.” However, he thinks highly of his time in the house, with his Brothers, and Mom O’Connor. The positive experiences Ron had as an undergraduate has led him to feel indebted to Gamma-Rho Zeta. That indebtedness, coupled with his high expectations for the fraternity, drove Ron to donate to the Building on our Tradition of Excellence: The Campaign for Gamma-Rho. “The previous major addition and renovation [to the Chapter House] was when I was in school. I was treasurer of the Fraternity when we signed the loan note to begin construction.” That was 1957, and Ron knows the house must be brought up to present standards.


Aside from the obvious structural needs of the Chapter House, Ron feels a connection to those brothers who have passed through the halls before him. Becoming part of a fraternity like LXA is an opportunity Ron feels others could benefit from. “Allowing members of LXA to have an environment for academic and social development in a safe, modern environment is important.” Ron goes on to say, “The maturation and development that occurred during my undergraduate days contributed, in many ways, to my success.” Ron wants to ensure as many men as possible have the same opportunities he did.


Ron is a semi-retired physician and remains on the faculty of the Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine. When he has some free-time, he spends it fishing, hunting, shooting, farming, and, most importantly, “raising and spoiling my grandchildren.” Ron and his wife, Lida, reside in Oklahoma City.
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Raj Patel, ΓΡ 1120

Seeks Long Term Sustainability and Excellence for Lambda Chi at OU

When Raj Patel, ΓΡ 1120, was just 16 years old, his family moved to Durant, Oklahoma from England. Raj’s father used his entire life savings and bought a small Mom and Pop motel in October 1979. But Raj never pictured himself in the hotel industry. In fact, he really did not enjoy cleaning and renting rooms before going to school each day. He never envisioned owning 19 hotels with various brand affiliations including Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Hotels and Marriott International or having more than 525 employees. Raj says he isn’t certain he and his company would be where they are today, if it wasn’t for his Lambda Chi Alpha brothers.


Raj says he didn’t know anything about fraternities when he came to OU, being that he emigrated from the UK. He met Kevin Lowary, ΓΡ 1093, who encouraged him to do some research on LXA. Raj’s journey began with Gamma Rho Zeta in 1982. “Once I became an associate, I had a huge sense of pride and belonging,” Raj said. “From the membership, the fellowship and the friendships, being part of Lambda Chi gave me purpose and definition to life on campus.”


After college, Raj began a commercial floor cleaning business, in which all the contracts abruptly ended in 1988. Raj moved to Dallas and found himself relying on Lambda Chi brother Mark Wright, ΓΡ 1113 who offered “stay with me as long as you need to” and Raj slept on his couch for several months.


In 1992 Raj and his wife, Mina, bought two hotels with the financial equity assistance of James Roth, ΓΡ 1124 and Ron Page, ΓΡ 1119 along with Ross Dewbre, ΓΡ 1114, who provided countless hours of pro bono legal advice. Raj said, “who knew back then that these guys would be my lifelong friends 30 years later”.


Throughout the years, Raj has relied heavily on his fraternity brothers. It is because of their unending support and friendship that he decided to give back to the Building on Our Tradition of Excellence campaign. “My motivation for giving back was to see continued success,” he said. “I want to see the house thrive, I want the sons of members from my era to be excited and engaged and I want there to be long term sustainability and excellence.”


Raj decided to give back to the campaign early on, but once his son, Nik Patel, ΓΡ 2512, joined the fraternity, Raj was even more determined to see Building on Our Tradition of Excellence through. “Nik has grown up around my Lamba Chi brothers,” Raj said. “During Rush I informed Nik that it was his decision as to which fraternity house to join, but reminded him about my experience with Lambda Chi. It was a great moment of pride for me when Nik was extended and accepted a bid from Lambda Chi.”


This year Raj and Mina celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary and have two sons, Nik and Neil. Neil is a freshman at Durant High School. Raj is the president and CEO of Premier Hospitality Management, Inc., in Durant, Oklahoma. He is a member of the North Texas Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization, and recently was a 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist for the Southwest Area North Region. E-mail Raj at
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Ross Powell, ΓΡ 2216

Breaking From Tradition

Joining a fraternity is a tough decision for many young men, one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Ross Powell, ΓΡ 2216, thought the decision was made for him when he entered recruitment in 2006 at the University of Oklahoma because he was a two-time SigEp legacy. Surprising both himself and his family, Ross pledged Lambda Chi Alpha. “I didn’t really have an open mind about other fraternities. It wasn’t until I went through formal rush that I realized Lambda Chi was where I needed to be,” he said. “I felt like being a Lambda was an accomplishment and an honor. I chose to be a part of something bigger than myself. It was an easy decision.”


Ross works as the marketing director for Kirkpatrick Oil Company and is responsible for developing, planning, and executing the marketing plan. He believes his time in the Gamma-Rho Zeta Chapter House helped him develop communication skills that are essential to his work now. “You’d be surprised how much you learn when you live with more than 60 guys. I feel like that experience taught me how to deal with anyone and any situation. I didn’t know how valuable that was until I experienced the same situations in the business world.” Ross is also incredibly thankful for his experience with Barry Feuerborn, ΓΡ 1349, who mentored him as a professional and helped him obtain his job after school.


Spending all day, every day with his brothers and the fraternity formed Ross into the person he is today. “When you’re around so many all-American guys on a regular basis, it makes you want to be the best person you can be.” So when he heard about the Building On Our Tradition of Excellence campaign, Ross knew he had to participate. “I met my best friends at 904 College, friendships and bonds that some people never find. This is irreplaceable and I couldn’t be more thankful.” He hopes that his contribution will benefit LXA in the competitive Greek system at OU. “The Lambda house has needed help for a long time, but we’ve always been able to hold our own. It’s exciting to think about how well we will do when the improved facility is combined with the guys in the house.”


Ross stays in touch with his Gamma-Rho Zeta brothers on a regular basis, talking to at least 10 of them every day. He sends a big thank-you to Chad Kennard, ΓΡ 2236, for doing a great job of keeping the pledge class together by organizing events and games. Their fantasy football league stays strong to this day.


Ross lives in Oklahoma City and spends his free time traveling, going to football games, working out, and doing whatever he can to get back together with the brothers. You can contact him at
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Matt Porter, ΓΡ 1615

Brother Encourages Alumni Support

Going through recruitment can be an incredibly overwhelming process, especially if you aren’t particularly outgoing. Matt Porter, ΓΡ 1615, was quiet and reserved when he started school at the University of Oklahoma, and he joined Lambda Chi Alpha in an effort to help him break out of his shell. He ended up gaining not only confidence, but also some of the best friends of his life. “I joined because I had several friends that were in it. I was timid coming into college and knew that they were a lot like me. When I was around them I became very comfortable. I didn’t give consideration to other houses. I made my best lifelong friends through the fraternity.”


Matt knew he wanted to give back to the organization that had given him so much, and the Building on Our Tradition of Excellence campaign was the perfect way to do so. “I want to give the same opportunities that I had to future generations.” He also recognizes that Gamma-Rho Zeta’s facilities were in desperate need of improvement. “I just remember how bad of shape the house was in when I was there. If they needed it then, they definitely need it now, and I knew they could use the help.”


Matt encourages brothers to get involved with the campaign, reminding them that every little bit helps. “I understand people are busy and finances are tight, but it doesn’t take a huge commitment over several years if we can get enough guys to get us across the finish line.”


Even though Matt and his family live in Houston, he still makes an effort to stay connected with his brothers and the fraternity in whatever ways he can, whether it’s football games or Facebook. “It’s important,” he said. “I understand life gets busy, but we need to take the opportunity to be deliberate and set time aside for our brothers. The experience we had and the friendships we made are worth it.”


Matt is the CFO for Xtreme Drilling and Coil Service, an innovative oil and gas drilling company. He helps the company manage finance and accounting functions, investor relations, capital markets, and helps to set strategy for the business. He and his wife, Olivia, have two sons, whom he hopes will be future Gamma-Rho Zetas someday. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, going to concerts, and attending sporting events. You can contact him at
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Michael Brandon Johnson, ΓΡ 1903

Brandon Reflects on Gamma-Rho Zeta Experience

When Michael “Brandon” Johnson, ΓΡ 1903 was first introduced to Gamma-Rho Zeta by his best friend, Timothy “Luke” Abel, ΓΡ 1827, he immediately felt a connection to the brotherhood. “Once I met members from all different pledge classes during recruitment, I knew I had met a group of like-minded men that would become a valuable part of my life.”


Throughout his undergraduate career at the University of Oklahoma, Brandon was constantly supported by his brothers to achieve his goals. Whether celebrating top grades or participating in U Sing and intramurals, he was always proud to call himself a Lambda Chi Alpha. “We had a group of talented men in the Chapter House, and I was provided with great examples and mentors to challenge myself.”


Brandon remembers understanding what hard work and the success that follows suit looks like from interacting with his Gamma-Rho Zeta brothers. His aspirations to attend medical school were all the more attainable by him staying true to these values. He attended the University of Oklahoma’s medical school with his roommate from the Chapter House. “To me, it was important to see this type of dedication on a daily basis. I was willing to put in the extra time to achieve my goals because of the examples my brothers set.”


He advises undergraduate members in a similar fashion. Obtaining goals is purely hard work. “What you do every day is what determines your success. Putting in that extra hour two can make all the difference because without it, you would not be challenging yourself to become the best.”


For Brandon, the influence of Lambda Chi Alpha did not stop when he became an alumnus. Instead, his connection to his brothers has only become stronger as he remains in touch with many friends from his hometown and other professionals in the Oklahoma City area. “This connection of being a Lambda Chi even extends beyond the local level. When I first met my brother-in-law, we had the instantaneous connection from the fraternity. Even though we pledged at different chapters, the bond is still there.”


Brandon is a fellowship-trained hip preservation specialist in Oklahoma City, Okla., where his roommate from sophomore year is also his surgical partner. He can be reached at

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Courtlyn Shoate, ΓΡ 2260

ΛΧΑ Prepares Brother for Career in Leadership and Development

It was the strong bonds of brotherhood between Gamma-Rho Zeta members during recruitment that attracted Courtlyn Shoate, ΓΡ 2260, to Lambda Chi Alpha and helped him garner a sense of pride throughout his time as a member.


“On the OU campus, LXA has a strong history, which you automatically become a part of and is a very impactful story to your brotherhood. As I grew up past being a freshman I began to take pride in what our class and brothers were able to accomplish, and we were able to make some great impressions to add on to the history of Lambda Chi.”


Serving as high kappa and high theta gave Courtlyn meaningful leadership experience. “A lot of the things we learned about leadership and development helped me see that I am passionate about developing individuals and had strength in working with people. I got to put into practice a lot of the things I ultimately wanted to do in a career.” Courtlyn earned a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and administration and his master’s in adult and higher education. After graduation he put his leadership and development training to work as a graduate assistant for the Student Life Office at OU and for the last two years has worked as director of student programs for the OU Alumni Association.


Courtlyn is still thankful for the brothers who have helped him develop over the years. “Our Chapter advisor, Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894, exemplified what it meant to sacrifice for the greater good and what commitment truly looked like. I know he made a huge impression on not just me, but many other members of the fraternity.”


Since graduation, Courtlyn has stayed very involved with his brothers and the Chapter. He works with the housing board, was on the committee for the renovation, and advises a couple of the Zeta members. His pledge class stays well connected through yearly trips, game days and most recently, weddings.


Courtlyn lives in Oklahoma City and enjoys reading, spending time with his friends, and working out. Catch up with Courtlyn by e-mailing him at
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J.D. Baker, ΓΡ 2648

Being a Leader in Gamma-Rho Zeta

J.D. Baker, ΓΡ 2648 joined Lambda Chi because he felt a strong presence of brotherhood and knew that he could develop into a better version of himself through the values and relationships he formed through the brotherhood. Jake Pasdach, ΓΡ 2473, David Doshier, ΓΡ 2593, Brandon Turney, ΓΡ 2664, Parker Randels, ΓΡ 2646 and Jimmy Kaczmarek, ΓΡ 2430 were the biggest influences in his decision. Each of them took personal time to speak with him about who he was and what Lambda Chi Alpha stood for. “I knew these were men I wanted to call my brothers and spend a lifetime with.”


J.D.’s undergraduate experience has been met with many trials, but with many triumphs as well. He believes that he has grown into a better person because of the people he surrounds himself with, especially his brothers at Gamma-Rho. “I love the bond we have here and hope to continue it for more years to come.” One of the many traditions that J.D. enjoys at Gamma-Rho is Wednesday dinner. He likes the opportunity to share a meal with his brothers, whether they’re a senior or a freshman. Some of his favorite memories come from conversations with his brothers when they are just relaxing in the dining room or living room. It’s the small things that he enjoys the most.


The Chapter has taught J.D. how to lead others effectively. “Our Chapter, university, even the world would be lost without leadership. Leadership provides direction and a purpose to a cause or an organization. Leadership comes as a great responsibility, but also a great reward. It is an opportunity to develop more of oneself and serve others. There’s only one type of leadership: servant leadership. When a leader has learned how to follow and serve others, then there’s nothing he can’t do and nowhere he can’t go.”


J.D. is from Edmond, Okla., where he attended Edmond Santa Fe High School. He is double majoring in public relations and public affairs and administration. He is also serving as house manager for the 2015-16 school year.
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Brian Ringer, ΓΡ 1296

Family and Brotherhood in Lambda Chi

“From day one, Lambda Chi was more than a fraternity to me. The members and associates became another family,” shares Brian Ringer, ΓΡ 1296. Through his membership, he has been able to develop lifelong friendships and learned skills that have helped to shape his life today.


One of Brian’s fondest memories is the day he signed with Lambda Chi Alpha. Despite having a member of another fraternity tell him to rip up his pledge card and join a different house, Brian knew that Lambda Chi is where he wanted to be. During his undergraduate years, he spent time making memories at destination unknown parties and recruiting trips. “My associate brothers and I set out to do great things on campus and I think that translated to the real world too.”


Many of the lessons Brian learned at Gamma-Rho Zeta have helped him throughout his professional and personal life. “Lambda Chi Alpha taught me about working with others and how to respect leadership.” He has been very successful in the technology world, working for several companies in web hosting, media, and software development roles.


When asked about what advice he would give to the undergraduate members, he said, “Enjoy college, study, innovate, lead, and support your campus and Chapter, but also try to accomplish something great while you are here.”


Brian worked on campus for seven years, which allowed him to remain involved with Gamma-Rho Zeta. He has served on the alumni association for several years and is the current president. “I’ve been surprised by how little things have changed in the house and the membership; this is still a top Chapter on campus.” He has been impressed with the high quality of brothers who continue the chapter’s legacy.


He and his wife, Kristan Gray Ringer, Delta Delta Delta, have two children, Gray Michael and Aimee Grace. Their children want to follow in their parents’ footsteps and join the same Chapters they did. He remains busy keeping up with their children’s sports and being outside. Brian keeps in contact with many Lambda Chi brothers who live in Norman and through social media. Contact Brian at
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Richard Mark Robinson, ΓΡ 1534

Pastor Continues Gamma-Rho Friendships through Ministry

During his undergraduate years, Richard Mark Robinson, ΓΡ 1534 had hands-on experience leading outreaches and bible studies for the brothers of Gamma-Rho Zeta. This opportunity and the ability to interact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds helped prepare him for his career as a pastor at Wildwood Community Church in Norman, Oklahoma. “God used my time at ΛΧΑ to help prepare me for a lifetime of serving Him,” Mark said. “Gamma-Rho provided me with lifelong friends and great memories, as well as an outstanding opportunity to minister for Christ while in college.”


Mark has served a variety of roles in the church and has been the senior pastor since January. Throughout the years, he has continued to connect with brothers through the church. Mark has used Brad Lomenick, ΓΡ 1461 as a personal consultant and ministry coach, David Ridgway, ΓΡ 1544 is an elder with Mark at Wildwood Church, and Rennie Cook, ΓΡ 1547 is helping coordinate connections between Norman pastors. Various Gamma-Rho brothers are members of the church as well. “The relationships I made during my time in Lambda Chi Alpha continue to help me in ministry today.”


Outside of church, Mark stays in touch with many of his brothers on a regular basis, whether it’s a text message to friends in other states, like Dr. Charles T. Woodward, ΓΡ 2562, or meeting up for lunches with David, Rennie, Craig Parrish, ΓΡ 1541, Nathan Lockhart, ΓΡ 1518, and other Gamma-Rho’s in the area.


“I have been blessed by the decision to join ΛΧΑ for the past 24 years now. My relationships with the men of Gamma-Rho have continued to this day and I’m honored to be a part of this crew.”


Some of Mark’s favorite memories from his undergraduate years were playing tip-ten on the basketball court, watching late-night SportsCenter, and enjoying Mom Roberts’ Lambda spread during finals week; but it is the friendships that he remembers most. Mark visits the Chapter House occasionally, and is impressed by the remodel. He advises the active brothers to make the most of their college years, because even if they’re brief, they’re important.


“Dive into your relationships with other men in the Chapter House, and seek to make a difference for Christ while you are on campus. God can work both in, and through you in your time at OU,” he said.


Mark, his wife, Kimberly, and their son, Josh, live in Norman. Mark can be reached at
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James R. Jones, ΓΡ 490

Ambassador Returns to 904 College

One of Gamma-Rho’s more famous alumni, Ambassador James R. Jones, ΓΡ 490, paid a visit to the Chapter House on October 31. Brother Jones was in Norman for a meeting with David Boren, president of the University of Oklahoma, and requested the opportunity to visit the house and meet the current active members. A reception, organized by Mom Roberts, High Pi Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894 and Chapter members, was held in his honor.


The ambassador was escorted by University Registrar Matt Hamilton, ΓΡ 1140. Brother Jones addressed the actives, guests, and alumni in the dining hall and answered questions from the undergraduates. He later toured the house, viewing the refurbished basement and his former room.


Gamma-Rho honors an undergraduate each year with the James R. Jones award to acknowledge outstanding campus involvement and activities. The membership votes on the current member who best exemplifies qualities and achievements of the ambassador during his time at OU. Ambassador Jones himself made the presentation to this year’s award recipient, Ben Bigbie, ΓΡ 2200. In honor of his visit, Sigma Phi President Bob Canfield, ΓΡ 876 presented Brother Jones with a signed painting of the Chapter House commissioned by the Mom’s Club and painted by noted Oklahoma artist Greg Burns. We hope the ambassador will feel free to come back to his college home in the future!
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Stanley “Pat” Shouldice, ΓΡ 371

Southern Hospitality Guides Alumnus

Southern hospitality was a welcome addition to his vocabulary when Pat Shouldice, ΓΡ 371 moved from a small town in Alberta, Canada, to Norman in 1952. Arriving after three days on a Greyhound bus, Pat started his studies in petroleum engineering and began the life that would bring a host of friendships and interactions with that hospitality.


Pat’s first meeting with Lambda Chi Alpha came when he took a job as kitchen manager to make ends meet. After getting to know the men of the Fraternity, he was asked to pledge and become a member himself.


“The Chapter House was my Oklahoma home, Ma Murray was my Oklahoma mother, and the friends I made were my brothers. Being initiated into Lambda Chi impacted my entire life. It was there that I learned life skills, from living on a budget to building solid relationships.”


Pat met his wife, Jane, at OU and after graduation the two remained in the United States while Pat began his career in the oil industry. As the two built their life together and Pat grew in his career, a return to Canada occurred and the opportunity arose for Pat to start his own company. In 1962 Pat created Nowsco Well Service Ltd. The company grew substantially over the years and ultimately did business in over 20 countries.


“The secret to success is 50 percent who you know, 25 percent what you know, 10 percent hard work, and 15 percent blind luck. I saw these things come together as I made my way through the oil industry and the business world. The largest assets in my career were the people I met, particularly those with a link to Oklahoma or Lambda Chi. It seemed that no matter where in the world I went, I could always make a connection because of one of those.” Pat worked diligently to build his company and career, constantly reminded of the importance of treating others with hospitality and respect.


Pat and Jane split their time between Arizona and Alberta and have four children: Cindi, Terri, Patti, and Kelly, and 11 grandchildren. E-mail:
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Bryan Pettigrew, ΓΡ 1340

Career in Sports Marketing Combines Business and Passion

The decision to join Lambda Chi was an easy one for Bryan Pettigrew, ΓΡ 1340 as he entered the University of Oklahoma. “I knew I wanted to be a Lambda Chi because my friends told me it was the best fraternity on campus. Everyone directed me there and, after I visited, I didn’t attend a recruitment event at another chapter. Lambda Chi was the right fit for me.”


“The guys in the Fraternity taught me responsibility and good study habits. There were a lot of guys to look up to that went on to become successful. Even my job as house manager was fun. More than just assigning jobs, everyone participated so I got to see my friends and interact with everyone. The negotiation and personal skills that I use every day are much like those I learned attending Chapter meetings and working on house cleans.”


Bryan took more than life skills away from his time in Gamma-Rho. He also left with deeply meaningful relationships. “The lifelong friends that I made at Lambda Chi are the people that I work with, have business partnerships with, and would trust my life with. Every time I see the guys I went to school with it’s like we’re still in college. They are like family. We pick up right where we left off.”


Bryan earned a degree in communications and, combined with his passion for professional sports, this turned into the perfect fit for a career in sports marketing. Beginning in horse racing, Bryan developed his skills and started Affinity Sports and Event Marketing in Dallas-Fort Worth. His team handles marketing and advertising for a number of organizations, including the Dallas Mavericks, the Breeders Cup, and the Kentucky Derby.


“My favorite moment working in this field was meeting the queen of England at a racing event. I have the opportunity to meet great athletes, team owners, and people involved in sports. My hobby is my work and I get to see sporting events all over the world. I am doing exactly what I love to do.”


At home, Bryan and his wife, Melinda, keep busy with their two children, Carter and Callie. Bryan can be reached at
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Dave Magstadt, ΓΡ 1612

Fraternity Experience Had Significant, Positive Influence on Dave Magstadt ’94

Dave Magstadt ’94 enrolled at the University of Oklahoma with the intent of doing well academically and being active in campus and community organizations, similar to his high school experience. Dave and a few of his best friends from high school looked at a number of the fraternities at OU during 1994 Fall Rush, and throughout the process, they kept coming back to Lambda Chi. Between knowing guys from Ponca City High School who were already members of Gamma-Rho Zeta and seeing that there was a unique mix of academic, intramural, social and philanthropic excellence within the chapter, Dave and his group of high school friends joined Lambda Chi Alpha.


“Lambda Chi was the best of the best on campus and had a reputation within the Greek community and on campus of being the most outstanding, well-rounded fraternity. They gave me everything I was looking for in my college experience and the friends I have from the fraternity are still among my closest friends,” said Dave. Reflecting on his time as an undergraduate, Dave recalls lots of great experiences and memories. From OU-Texas weekend to the annual Destination Unknown party to spring break trips with guys from the chapter, the Lambda Chi experience had a very strong social component. However, one of Dave’s most memorable moments from his time in Lambda Chi didn’t come in the form of a party or a tailgate. Rather, it came in the form of a trophy—the 1996-97 President’s Trophy, awarded to the top fraternity on campus by David Boren. The award was the culmination of a year of hard work by everyone in the chapter and represented the excellence that existed at 904 College. In the spring of 1997, Dave had just finished his first term as chapter president. “We had been through some volatile times, but to win the award that recognized our accomplishments in academics, intramurals, and philanthropy… It was great for the fraternity to be honored that way.”


The pride Dave felt for Lambda Chi hasn’t faded, even after graduation. “When I think about going to OU, I think about Lambda Chi. The fraternity provided me with opportunities to be involved and develop as a leader within the chapter as well as within the broader OU community. I attribute much of my success to my experiences in the fraternity and the many lessons learned there.” When Dave heard about the campaign for Gamma-Rho Zeta, he knew he had to give back to the Chapter. “There are so many great things about the house. But, even when I was there, the chapter house was not comparable to other fraternity houses on campus.” Despite that fact, Dave recognizes the success the chapter had both prior to, during and since his tenure there, even without an updated chapter house. “That just speaks to the quality of the guys that have walked through the doors of 904 College—to try to provide significant improvements to the house will only help Lambda Chi to be even better.”


Dave lives in New York and works for Citigroup’s Investment Bank focused on Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions. He tries to get back to the OU campus for at least one football game a year and does his best to get friends to come visit him in New York. E-mail Dave at
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Hal Cook, ΓΡ 657

Hal Cook ΓΡ 657 knew nothing of the campaign for Gamma-Rho Zeta until just a few months ago when he received the latest edition of The Gamma Rhover. When he browsed through the list of contributors, he noticed his friend John Goodman, ΓΡ 642, had contributed. While that certainly influenced Hal’s decision to contribute to the Building on Our Tradition of Excellence campaign, it was seeing all the gifts in memory or honor of loved ones or friends that struck him.


Hal was a Sooner raised in Texas. He comes from a family of Okies and, after graduating high school, followed his Sooner pride to the OU campus in 1964. He lived in the freshman dorms and soon got to know the resident counselor in the dorm, the aforementioned John Goodman. Soon after, Hal pledged Lambda Chi Alpha.


It didn’t take long for Hal to feel welcome. His junior year, he served as kitchen manager and was then elected as High Phi. Among his best friends was his pledge brother, Doug Conn, ΓΡ 659, a fellow Texan. “Doug was gung-ho ROTC from his freshman year on.” At that time, all men on the OU campus had to participate in ROTC for at least two years. For Doug, two years was just the beginning. He had his sights set on being an Army officer. Hal and Doug ran against each other for Chapter president their junior year. “Doug won,” stated Hal, “and he was a great president.” By the time their senior year rolled around, Doug was the head student Army officer for the ROTC program at OU. Vietnam was still going strong, and Doug “couldn’t wait to get in the fight.” After just a few weeks in the war, 1st Lt. Doug Conn was killed on January 16, 1970, while leading his platoon in action.


It was Veteran’s Day when Hal wrote a check to the Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation in honor of his fallen friend. “When I saw people giving in memory and honor of someone, I wanted to do something for Doug.” Hal knew the Chapter House was in disrepair and to maintain its proper place as one of the best fraternities on campus, an update was needed. “It wasn’t good when I was there. When my son, Clint, GR 1835, pledged, the house had gotten worse. Something needs to be done.”


Hal and his wife, Rosalind, reside in Tulsa. Hal loves to cook; since retiring he’s taken over the kitchen while his wife continues to pursue her successful art career. E-mail Hal at and checkout Rosalind’s art at
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Conrad Masterson, ΓΡ 581

Conrad Masterson, ΓΡ 581, Gives Back to Gamma-Rho Zeta Campaign, Says Renovation Is Desperately Needed

Conrad Masterson, ΓΡ 581, joined the Gamma-Rho Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha along with his high school friends Roger Clapp ’62 and Joel Contreras ’62. “We didn’t join as a group, but we had a good, common feel in what we saw in Lambda Chi,” Conrad said.


Conrad has stayed in touch with many of his fraternity brothers who were in the Chapter when he was a member, as well as younger members. “I have a brother-in-law who is a Lambda Chi from Arkansas and two friends in my church who are Lambda Chis from West Texas A&M.” Thirty years ago Conrad was introduced to Raymond Foster ’82. “Even though Raymond has lived overseas as a missionary for Cru ever since we met, we’re close friends,” Conrad said. “These are neat connections that didn’t happen when I was on campus but years later. It’s fun to realize that you have that bond that is broader than the time you were at OU.”


Conrad and his wife, Ellen, live on the Open RX Ranch near Cee Vee, Texas, in the southern rolling plains. The ranch is a small place and named for Conrad’s family brand used in Oklahoma on their ranch near Purcell, an area settled by Conrad’s paternal grandfather before Oklahoma became a state. Prior to retiring to the ranch, Conrad spent a number of years with telecommunications and computer startups after starting his career at Ford Motor Company in corporate finance.


When Conrad first heard about the Building on Our Tradition of Excellence campaign, he knew he wanted to give back to Gamma-Rho Zeta. “I just jumped on right away,” he said. “I thought it was a great opportunity, and I wish more people would give to a greater level, but I am pleased we have been able to raise as much as we have. I think if brothers would set up a donation on an automatic check at their bank, they would see how easy it is to make a significant contribution without it being a big hit to their budget. For less than $17 a month, that’s one Big Mac a week, you can give $1,000 in five years. For $85 a month, you can give $5,000 in five years.”


Conrad knows that the state of the Chapter House is very important to potential new members and that it’s important the house looks in top condition for recruitment purposes. “The house desperately needs to be upgraded,” he said. “It looked like a low-income housing project before the renovations started, and it needed to be fixed. Top quality guys have lots of choices for joining a fraternity. It makes it a whole lot easier to recruit the best when you have the best facilities.”


In his free time Conrad enjoys fly fishing, traveling internationally with Ellen, and staying involved in non-profit organizations in Dallas and Houston. Conrad is also interested in ranch history and recently donated his collection of first edition western ranch history books to the library at OU. This is a collection he started while at OU after several discussions with brother, Jim Howard ’62. E-mail Conrad at
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Michael Nash, ΓΡ 2253

Building a Reputation

As a very recent alumnus, Michael Nash, ΓΡ 2253, can clearly see what alumni have done for Lambda Chi. There’s a deep sense of appreciation for those who have come before and, already, an understanding that membership in Lambda Chi is for more than four years.


“The opportunities that we had were because of something that someone before us did. While I was chapter president during my senior year I tried to lead knowing that the reputation of Lambda Chi rested on those of us who were currently in the Chapter. Successes build off of one another and it was our turn to leave Gamma-Rho better than we found it.”


As an active it was easy to see that the house needed improvements, but despite the older house, the quality of men and the experience Lambda Chi provided was still top notch. Now, as an alumnus, Michael chose to give back to the Chapter in a new way by contributing to the capital campaign.


“It’s amazing how many projects are going on in OU’s Greek community. It is such an incredible benefit to have the renovation and expansion occur, showing others that the quality of our house matches the quality of the guys inside.


“I’m sure that everyone who has been a part of Gamma-Rho has one friendship, opportunity, or experience that, if they weren’t a part of the Chapter, wouldn’t have happened. Giving what I can is one of the best ways to contribute and impact the members today. For me it has also been an opportunity to honor Max Cameron, ΓΡ 2239, who passed away. This campaign is a chance to recognize those guys who come up in conversation every time you’re together and touched the lives of others.”


Michael still hears the goings on of Lambda Chi as he works in the president’s office at OU as a special assistant and press secretary. He plans to go back to school in the future to build on his degree in entrepreneurship and venture management. For now he enjoys staying in touch with Lambda Chi friends, a group of which have taken float trips and even met in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. He can be reached at
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Jake Pasdach, ΓΡ 2473

Meet Jake Pasdach, ΓΡ 2473

Hometown: Claremore, Oklahoma

Major: Public relations

Minor: Public affairs and administration


Jake associated with Lambda Chi Alpha in fall 2011. Throughout his time at the University of Oklahoma, he has been extremely fortunate to experience countless opportunities.


Jake was a member of the 2011-12 President’s Leadership Class, an officer for Crimson Club, which is OU’s official ambassadorial group under the office of OU President David L. Boren, and has served as a four-year executive committee member of the Campus Activities Council event, High School Leadership Conference, in which we program a weekend to prepare the up-and-coming generation on how to be leaders. He recently completed his term as the OU Interfraternity Council president in which he set the strategic vision for the thriving fraternity community of 2,600 men and 19 chapters.


Lambda Chi Alpha has impacted Jake in many ways during his time at OU.


“Despite the titles and leadership opportunities, the most impactful aspect of college was the time I spent with my friends and brothers. Upon entering the University of Oklahoma, I was extremely hesitant to participate in recruitment, but I believe that making the decision to join Lambda Chi was the stepping-stone to becoming who I am today. Upon graduation, I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a master of business or a master of public affairs and administration degree.”


“As I complete my undergraduate degree in May 2015, I will leave 904 College Avenue. with lifelong friends, great memories, and confidence in my ability to impact and influence the world because of my time as a Lambda Chi.”
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Andre Champagne, ΓΡ 1264

Continuing a Legacy

Hoping to find an organization that offered him a well-rounded experience, Andre Champagne, ΓΡ 1264 discovered his home in Lambda Chi Alpha. With an organization composed of members with interests all across the board, Andrew remembers members having a genuine respect for one another and investment in the overall integrity and reputation of the Chapter on campus. “We were well respected and were leaders in the Greek community as well as student life on campus,” he said. “I took pride in how well we worked together in creating the environment where different types of people supported one another and shared the common goal of protecting the brotherhood.”


Throughout the year, Andre returns to Norman to cheer on Sooner athletics, and this past fall, he gained a new perspective when both of his children joined Greek chapters at OU. Bailey ’20, Andre’s son, followed in his footsteps and joined Gamma-Rho Zeta, and his daughter, Brandee, joined Kappa Kappa Gamma. “I’ve very proud of how Lambda Chi has stayed true to its values over the years and feel certain that my son will have an awesome and meaningful experience as well.”


Andre played baseball for the Sooners and lived in the Chapter House for two years and believes he learned a lot from watching his brothers excel in their respective leadership positions. “Lambda Chi exposed me to a lot of different people with different interests and aptitudes for a variety of things,” he said. “It helped me recognize how to appreciate the differences and strengths of people and how to motive others to work together to accomplish goals. The ideas of the brotherhood are inspiring and the loyalty that is promoted and required is a trait that continues to be valuable to me in my life.”


Andre is proud to see how the Chapter has stayed true to its culture and values since his undergraduate years and is happy to see how Gamma-Rho Zeta continues to be a top Chapter on campus. He advises current member to take advantage of the full college experience by taking academics seriously from the beginning, getting involved, and having fun. “You will look back to these years as one of the best times in your life,” he said. “The more you put into the house and the success of the Chapter, the greater the reward you will have as a member. You have to be invested in it and take pride in the legacy to fully appreciate the brotherhood and what it can offer you in return.”


Andre and his wife, Charise, an OU Kappa Alpha Theta alumna, have been married for 26 years. Andre is the president of a mid-size IT consulting company and enjoys Sooner sports and playing hockey, golf, and tennis. In their free time, the couple also enjoys traveling. Andre and Charise live in Flower Mound, Texas, and he can be reached at
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Creating a Lifetime of True Brotherhood

Dan Parsons, ΓΡ 1094 Thanks Gamma-Rho Zeta for Friendships and Support
Coming from a small town in northwestern Oklahoma, Dan Parsons, ΓΡ 1094 knew the men at 904 College Avenue would offer him not only a sense of belonging but also lifelong friendships. “I was truly fortunate to find such like-minded friends upon my arrival. I could still call any one of them and they’d be there for me no questions asked. Why wouldn’t you want to stay involved with such a brotherhood?”


From waking up early in anticipation of game days to welcoming alumni home, Dan’s fond memories inspired him to give back to Gamma-Rho Zeta. “During my active years I had the opportunity to witness and benefit from previous members who not only offered their talents but their resources as well. It was a clear choice for me to offer any help I could when given the opportunity.”


For Dan, the Chapter House renovations mirror the high caliber of men indicative of Gamma-Rho Zeta’s presence on campus. He encourages alumni to remember that the Chapter’s academic and leadership accomplishments should serve to fortify the entire brotherhood. “It is important alumni become and stay involved as much as they can. When current members see the legacy they come from, it perpetuates and instills the values Gamma-Rho Zeta considers important.”


Both the Chapter’s stellar grades and boxing championships made Dan proud to contribute to Gamma-Rho Zeta’s legacy. “Who knew a quiet kid from northwest Oklahoma would come out of his shell to find lifetime friends at 904 College Avenue? The skills I acquired in those years helped me grow as a leader, but I don’t know if that would have happened without the help of Gamma-Rho Zeta.”


A passion for leadership cultivated as an undergraduate allowed Dan to pursue his career in the hospitality industry. He and his wife, Caryl, own Boomtown Hospitality Inc. and Big Dan’s Steakhouse and Salad Buffet in Woodward, Okla. The latter even came in fourth place on a list of top ten places to eat in Oklahoma. He can be reached at

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 Support the house renovation!


Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal of financing the complete renovation of the chapter house.  All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the chapter house.

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