Chapter Officers – 2018


High Alpha

Samuel Jackson, ΓΡ 2767

(405) 651-9303


High Beta

Zach Smalling, ΓΡ 2766


High Theta

Chapman Wise, ΓΡ 2823


High Gamma

Alex Jensen, ΓΡ 2763


High Tau

Carter Pettigrew, ΓΡ 2768


High Iota

Bill Rucker, ΓΡ 2826


High Rho

Aidan O’Brien, ΓΡ 2822


High Kappas

Reese McDonald, ΓΡ 2764

Grant Mettenbrink, ΓΡ 2824


High Pi

Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 2767


High Delta

Andrew McDonald, ΓΡ 2775

(405) 343-7467


High Phi

Neil Patel, ΓΡ 2773


High Sigma

Jack Creedon, ΓΡ 2825


High Epsilon

Evan Griffith, ΓΡ 2784


Executive Officers

Asher Martel, ΓΡ 2761

Bailey Champagne, ΓΡ 2762

Luke Hudson, ΓΡ 2769

Davis Derr, ΓΡ 2820


Standards Chairman

Bentley Bross, ΓΡ 2753

 Support the house renovation!


Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal of financing the complete renovation of the chapter house.  All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the chapter house.

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